Monday, July 1, 2013

Jace is 4

Jace is 4 as of April 24th!! So crazy how time has flown by. 
At 4 Jace has become quite the talker. He knows everything there is to know about super heroes , dinosaurs , sports (baseball), fashion( what he thinks is cool), food, ninja turtles, and somehow he knows every off the wall cartoon there is out there because every time we go to Wal-Mart this kid knows what every toy is!  Jace currently wears one type of clothing and it is athletic wear. We have basketball , soccer and just plain mesh shorts and shirts that this kid thinks are the coolest thing in the world and asking him to wear regular khaki shorts is like telling this kids to eat his vegetables and that  he can no longer eat chocolate ! Jace is playing t-ball this summer and he likes to call it soccer "because he can" He is doing really good with throwing and catching the ball!! He even hit a ball without the T . Jace has gotten really good at knowing his letters he can spell his name and recently discovered that if he put an F at the beginning of his name his name would be face. Yes that's my kid!! Jace hardly eats , basically his diet consist of rice, hot dogs, lunchables, string cheese , noodles and butter, yogurt, the occasional piece of fruit and anything that is chocolate.  I sneak vegetables in with the yogurt and have been making almond milk smoothies with veggies so hopefully he will turn out okay. This kid is so sweet! He is always saying please and thank you.  He is always willing to help and loves being a big brother. Jace likes to make funny faces and make up words to his own songs.  The outdoors is where this kid belongs water , sun, friends, bikes, and  ice cream pretty much sum up the summer for this guy so far. It has been fun seeing him grow out of the baby stage. Jace is so fun, loving, kind, precious, tender and most of all he is my little boy. He is my sunshine when life is crazy. I love this little guy!!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

We have a walker!

Addison took her first steps today! We went to granny's house for Sunday dinner and there is this nice long soft fluffy rug that some how gave Addie the confidence to walk! We got a super cute video of her doing the cowboy walk ! She was so excited . She and well the rest of us couldn't stop screaming and clapping for joy:) I am one proud momma. Addie also hit 20lbs in weight at her most recent Dr. apt! Yeah for Addie! This is the most fun amazing,smart,tender,loving,little angel. Love this cutie

Sunday, March 17, 2013

The past 3 months...

Well its taken me three months to get up the gumption to get back into the swing of life.  I haven't picked up my camera since Addie's birthday and really haven't done much with any of my life's previous hobbies....So here I am trying to put one foot in front of the other and find joy and happiness  in all that the Lord has blessed me with. I love my two children they have been my source of strength these past few months and have reminded me that I am loved and not just loved as in a love for food or chocolate (if you know my kids you would know they love chocolate) but a pure Agape love.  Through them and each of there unique personalities I have been able to find joy in the journey that is my life.  Since moving Jace has really started to love ninja turtles and rock music.  I am not sure how those two go together but I do know that I love watching Jace pretend that he is playing the guitar and singing as if he were in a band.  Jace is always letting me know that Jesus loves our family and he enjoys singing the song I can only imagine by Mercy Me when he is sad.  I know, I was shocked when he told me that was his favorite song and it made him feel happy!! Let me just say when I hear that song I can't help but be overwhelmed by the spirit and it takes a lot to hold back the tears when I hear the sweet voice of my not so little boy. It has been eye opening to see how much a child can grow in just a few short months. 
Addison has become quite the little stinker if I do say so myself.  She thinks it is funny to grab her brothers hair or tends to scream when she hears other children crying or when things aren't going her way.  Addie also loves food but she has a tendencies to make a really big mess with anything that is given to her...for instance a cracker turns into a million little pieces that some how end up in her hair on the floor and her high chair must be where she is storing food for the end of the world because that thing gets pretty loaded! She always has something in her mouth and smiles and laughs when you ask her what it is. Oh did I mention she is a talker !!! She repeats everything...The other day I took her to a meeting for work while sitting there trying to focus she starts grunting and saying POOP over and over and yes that's right there was poo!! Walking on the other hand is coming along but at Addison's pace.  She will stand on her own for a moment and walk with her walker which for some reason she likes to push when its in car mode...she also will walk holding on to one hand but gets really mad when walking for longer than a few seconds.  Just this week at the park Addie decided she was big enough to go down the slide by herself and her way which was on her belly and backwards! Such a silly little girl that seems to already know what she wants.
As for me I am trying to adjust to life here in Utah I miss my Cheyenne friends and coworkers.  I am super happy that spring is coming so the kids and I can get outside and play!!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Addison is 1

Addison is 1! I feel like it was just yesterday that I was going to the hospital with the anticipation of having her.   At 1 years old Addie is such a joy.  This girl loves to give hugs and kisses she especially gives them to her momma.  I must say the Lord knew I needed a spirit who was going to show me unconditional love and the very interesting part of it all is that she gives her love just when I need it.  I truly see and feel the love of the lord thru my sweet little girl.   Addison is such a talker she mimics sounds very well and has a good start to her vocabulary.  She says momma, dad, bubba(aka Jace), bru for brutus the dog, B for blankie, that while pointing her little finger , uh oh, mmmmm, no  and ow.  She also loves to sing, her favorite songs so far are bumble bee, popcorn popping, and anything grandma Dunn sings to her. Addison is a mover and shaker she loves to dance to music.  Addie is crawling really well she has even mastered going up the stairs!!  Addison has a love for books  just like her momma.  The things Addie is not to fond of are getting dressed, diaper changes, wiping her face,  wearing hair bows, and having someone else feed her.  Addie has such a sweet demeanor don't get me wrong she can also be a little stinker but she has been my little angel that has kept my heart soft and my eyes towards heaven.  I am so grateful the Lord trusted me with this precious spirit.  Addie I want you to know that the world can be a scary place but you can and will make it beautiful! You are a beautiful daughter of God and will always be of worth.   Always remember you are loved and I will always be here for you.  xoxo

Monday, November 19, 2012

Addison is 11 months

My sweet little Addie is getting so big!! She weighs in at 17.5 lbs.  Just in the last week she has started to be much more independent and army crawling has officially begun.   Addie is also pulling herself up.  This was a scary find for me because I have not lowered her crib and after her nap the other day I go in to find her standing and bouncing with much glee .  I almost had a heart attack because she totally could have fallen out!! Out of the mouth of Mr. Jace Addie is a little stinker.  Addie has us all wrapped around her little fingers and I wouldn't change it for a thing.  Addie has a love for real food she eats almost anything.  I am grateful but for some reason when we started her on food her tummy and bowl started to have issues.  Let's just say she is having a hard time going #2.  The doctor had us do a little rectal procedure with x-ray and everything looks good structurally but still this girl has no #2 and when she does it results in tears so we are hoping to find her some relief so far everything we have tried has not seemed to help.  As always Addie is a pretty happy girl.  She loves to snuggle and for some odd reason loves her momma I can't seem to understand why?? Hmm oh yes maybe its because I still come to her aide 5 or more times a night to love on my little snuggle bug.  I love this little girl and all she has already taught me in her 11 months of life.  What a blessing it is to be a mother. XOXO

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Halloween Weekend

This year for Halloween we ventured up to Utah for a family filled event. Jace dressed as Captain America and has been protecting us from bad guys since the day we bought the costume.  Addison was a little pink Zebra.  The best part of the costume was the tail it was so stinking cute. Granny dressed up as a witch and  made a great witches brew "chili and scones for dinner".  Addie ate the chili which amazes me because Jace looked at it and said yuck even though grandpa bought donuts to eat with it!! Jace didn't even eat the donut ! Dan and I dressed up as firefighters and took the kids trick or treating in granny's neighborhood.  We made it half way around the block and Jace stated he was done.  I think he was missing his friend Cooper and maybe feeling out of sorts since we were not in our neighborhood.  Jace was so cute while he was knocking on the doors though.  I must say this kid has a sense of humor.  First he would knock on the door and practically walk in when people opened the door to give candy.  Then he started to say trick or treat smell my feet!! The best thing he said at every door he went to was trick or treating  instead of trick or treat.  We finished the evening with a good scary movie and dipped in to the candy bag shhhh don't tell! That is why I became a parent to dig thru all the Halloween candy and "make sure it is safe" and well of course safe a few of my favorites while in the process.  Happy Halloween!!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Addison 10 months old

I can't believe this little girl is almost one! Addie is a little ham. As you can see from here pictures this girl loves to smile. Her smile is so infectious that even when I want to be sad just one look at her and I can't help but be happy. Crawling is still in progress but we are moving and that's a good thing. When I say moving it backwards or getting up on all fours and then rocking but deciding its to much work and it would be easier to have someone else do the work for me. Addie loves to blow kisses and will still eat anything you put on front of her. Her little personality is starting to surface. For instance she is starting to shake her head no and when her dad and I were pretend fighting she screamed so loud that we both just stopped and stared at one another. Yes this little girl thinks I am special and she should since for some reason I still get up 3-5 times a night. Love my little girl, love being her mom and love that she is so in need of me=)